With Kate Tarker the american theatre at long last has a woman comedic anarchist, in the company of Jarry, Orton, Durang, Apollinaire! I am taking moments of Thunderbodies with me to my deathbed….so I have a last belly laugh before the last breath.

Paula Vogel


Kate Tarker’s Thunderbodies last night was one of the most startling theatrical experiences I’ve had. The influence of Chris Bayes on Yale Drama students seemed clear across the board – in Tarker’s writing, the design elements, Dustin Wills’ direction, and the performances: particularly Christopher Geary’s Michail and Celeste Arias’ Grotilde, the most sustained act of intentional grostesqueness I’ve seen from a young performer. Sarah Kane channeling Jarry.

– Walter Bilderback, The Wilma

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